For the first time in his career, JT Realmuto got tossed from a game. Now, you have to term that from a regular season game. In the penultimate game of spring training on Monday, Realmuto was ejected by home plate umpire Randy Rosenberg, who is a Triple-A and fill-in umpire for the majors. Maybe we can blame it on the pitch clock.

Reliever Craig Kimbrel was called for a pitch clock violation and was not happy about the call. It’s unclear whether he was upset with the call that he did not pitch in time or whether he was just upset with the pitch clock issue. Either way, he wanted a new ball and Realmuto put his glove up by his shoulder for Rosenberg to put the ball into. After not getting the ball after a few seconds, Realmuto thought Rosenberg was going to throw the ball to Kimbrel and brought his glove down. At the same time, Realmuto dropped his glove and the ball dropped to the ground. Rosenberg immediately tossed Realmuto because he believed he was trying to show him up because of the pitch clock violation.

On the video, it does not appear that Realmuto said anything to Rosenberg and he certainly did not turn around. Realmuto and manager Rob Thomson argued the call, but Realmuto was a goner. When the “discussion” ended, Realmuto walked off the field pumping his fist to get the crowd in Dunedin going.